How I use Evernote, Part 3 — Classification and Wishlist



  1. New note from a selected text. By this I mean, it should be possible when selecting a text in a note, to create a new note with hyperlink to it, added to the original text. The implementation doesn’t matter. It could be wiki style or as option in a menu.
  2. Back-links. Currently navigation is possible in one direction, from a note to a another note, linked to a text in the first one. But there is no way to see all the notes having link to the current one and go to them if needed. In Zim and other notebook applications, this is a basic functionality.
  1. There is a solution to this problem in GitHub, but apart from the inconvenience of running external Python code, it has two other major drawbacks for me. If you use links a lot, you need the back-link available right after you create the link, and not to trigger it manually or once a day. The second is, I find it important that back-links are not part of the note body (see the screen-shot above as an example of such implementation).
  2. Distraction-free mode. The only reason I avoid using Evernote for writing is the missing focus view. The interface is now less busy, and yet if there is a mode, where you just see the text and almost nothing else like asit is in Dark Room, ZenPen, and Write!, it would be great. Now even MS Word has distraction-free mode where apart from the text, you only see this:
  3. Touch-screen scrolling. Currently it’s not possible to use touch-screen scrolling in Evernote desktop, making the reading of a bigger notes very frustrating.
  4. Manual note re-arrangement. When using a tile view, I miss the possibility to manually rearrange the notes.
  5. Reminder in web Clipper before saving. At least a third of my web clippings end up as reminders. The current implementation allows to add reminder only after the note is saved and synchronised. I need the reminder at the initial stage when I choose notebook and tags.
  6. Reminder in Android sharing. When sharing to Evernote in Android, there is this nice elephant button that allows to choose notebook and tag. But just as in the web clipper, I miss the option to set the note as a reminder. In Android, it’s not even available in a second stage.




Consultant, Author, Speaker; interested in complexity, and knowledge graphs. Blog: Book:

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Ivo Velitchkov

Ivo Velitchkov

Consultant, Author, Speaker; interested in complexity, and knowledge graphs. Blog: Book:

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